Capgemini Blue Challenge

Capgemini Blue Challenge

Capgemini launches “The Capgemini Blue Challenge” to accelerate start-ups’ innovative sustainable solutions based on the seaweed economy.

Capgemini Europe Cluster teams* have launched the Capgemini Blue Challenge in collaboration with BioMarine, an organization at the crossroads of research, business, and investment with a scientific and socio economic approach. The challenge is designed to support and promote start-ups that have created innovative solutions based on the role seaweed can play in contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive world. Throughout the challenge the start-ups’ sustainable solutions will be selected and assessed according to three key criteria: environmental impact, social and inclusion impact, and innovation.

Why seaweed?

Seaweed’s potential is wide and can have a strong impact to fight climate change providing alternative sustainable solutions. It can be used in animal feed, fertilizers, industrial thickeners, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, bioplastics, biomaterials, biofuels, carbon capture and much more to come. It is estimated that seaweed could sequester around 290 million metric tons of carbon each year.

Seaweed also improves the ocean’s health, by capturing carbon, nitrates and phosphorus, reducing acidification, protecting from coastal erosion, and acting as a nursery for marine life. The ocean plays a fundamental role in regulating global temperatures. Not only does the ocean absorb 25 to 30% of anthropogenic CO2 emissions, it also produces around 50% of the oxygen on the planet through the photosynthetic activity of marine plants and algae.

Seaweed has also a tangible social and inclusion impact. It is helping rebuild a strong economic and social backbone for coastal communities that have suffered from an overdependence of tourism. In Europe for instance, it is estimated that seaweed can bring 115,000 jobs by 2050.

The challenge

Five startups in line with Capgemini’s purpose were selected and assessed by Capgemini and BioMarine according to the defined criteria:

  • Eranova, seaweed bioplastics company based in France
  • Marea, marine-based bioplastics company based in Iceland
  • Mwani Zanzibar, seaweed farms and skin care based in Tanzania
  • Redrose Development, seaweed cultivation company based in Ireland
  • Zero Circle, biomaterials company based in India

From April 30th to June 29th, selected Capgemini Executives from the Europe Cluster will actively mentor and coach these 5 projects.

The voting and awards ceremony will take place on the 30th of June. A dedicated jury, supported by Capgemini employees’ votes, will assess and select the top 2 winners. These winners will receive respectively 15 000€ for the 1st place and 5 000€ for the 2nd place to develop further their solutions.

Meet our jury:

  • Eric de Quatrebarbes, Executive Vice President Capgemini – Head of the Europe Cluster Business Unit
  • Hélène Chinal, Executive Vice President Capgemini – Head of Transformation SBU Southern and Central Europe
  • Valeria Montalescot, Senior Project Manager for Global Seaweed STAR - Scottish Association for Marine Science
  • Andreea Strachinescu, Head of Unit - Research, Innovation and Investment - Directorate General of Maritime Affairs of the European Commission
  • Isabelle de Cremoux, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Seventure Partners

Capgemini commitment for an inclusive and sustainable future

Capgemini is convinced of the social responsibility of private companies: they have a clear role to play to foster change and they need to use their expertise and sector knowledge to impact positively the society and the planet. This is also reflected in Capgemini’s purpose: “To unleash human energies through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future”.


*Europe Cluster BU brings together Capgemini teams from 12 countries: Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, India.


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